Jonas Lindstedt's Today for Palm Handleds

The Today application gathers information from the built-in applications Date Book, Mail and To Do and displays the things to do today together with current time and date and owner of the handheld device. Other applications (e.g. DateBk4) can be launched instead of the built-in ones.

Downloads: 102115+ (stats from December 29, 2002)
Licence: FREE

  • RAM Used: 97KB
  • Minimum Requirements: Any Palm OS Hardware, Palm OS 3.5
  • Resolutions Supported: Palm Hi-Res (320x320), Palm Standard (160x160)


2.3 (3/8/05) - Bug fix and configurable colors in week view.

2.2 (11/4/04) - - Minor release including 5-way navigator support. A bug fix (title-bar system information turned off).

2.1 (1/2/04) - Added week view.

2.0 (12/29/03) - Removed hires background from the program itself to decrease the size, added month view and configurable opaque clock.

1.8 (12/29/02) - PalmOS 5 ready (including hi-res), VersaMail support, opaque analog clock on background, configurable text color, next meeting countdown, alarm flag for events, more task information and background image behind launcher.

1.7 (10/6/02) - Added internet time, backgrounds and skin template. Also improved selection on color devices.

1.6 (7/21/02) - Added launcher for five apps, skin handling, saving of title-bar system info's state and mapping to date book-button (still launches the original mapping when pressed within Today).

1.5 (7/2/02) - Move to another day using scroll buttons, launching from date field, configurable owner info, title-bar system information, all tasks listed, selection between all records or quantity and popup-list.

1.4 (5/19/02) - Added week number, moving analog clock, link to prefs->owner, ellipsis char, grayscale support, system information section and possibility to go to another day.

1.3 (3/10/02) - Added selection to always start Today and possibility to customize applications to launch for Calendar, Mail and To Do.

1.2 (3/4/02) - Added automatic start of Today when device is turned on and hasn't been used for a specific number of hours (if this feature is available in the Palm OS version you're using). Replaces the need of the PowerButton-extension.

1.1 (1/24/02) - Added support for high-resolution screens on Sony CLIE and fixed some bugs.


Really great skin specialized for Palm Tungsten T and other HiRes devices.
(click on screenshot for download)

Nice Linux skin for Linux fans.
(click on screenshot for download)

Specialized skin for Apple fans.

(click on screenshot for download)

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